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Pizza Display Case

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The Nemco 6451-2 is a self- serve, rotating, 3-tiered pizza merchandising display case with 18" racks.

Since there are two doors, you can load food from one side, and customers can serve themselves from the other!

Constructed entirely out of stainless steel and tempered glass, the case has a lighted interior, contemporary signage, and a water reservoir to keep moist products from drying out. Entirely self-serve, the nemco display case is perfect for displaying up to three items at once, and keeping them at a controlled temperature. The display case is not just for pizza, either, as it can be used to merchandise pies, cakes, focaccia, fresh bread, cookies, and other bakery items.
The pizza display case measures 32 5/8" high x 23 1/2" wide x 23 1/2" deep, and is 120 V.